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Online registration for examination

From now on all students have access to our Online Examination System. 

Online registration for examinations is only possible for students pursuing a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree. Please note the exceptions in the Master’s degree courses. Diploma students keep registering via the Examination Office.

All remaining functions of the online examination system are available to all students. The services can be used time- and location-independent without waiting times at the Examination Office.

An information leaflet comprising PIN and TAN can be obtained from the Infopoint where you will also get an emergency password and an emergency TAN list. Please do not forget to bring your identification card with you!

Functions provided:

  • Registration and deregistration for exams and retrieval of the registration status
  • Access to examination results
  • Change of address
  • Retrieval and print-out of preformance records

Attention:  Owing to changes to our server facilities, it may not be possible to register for examinations online in May and November. Please use the respective registration form during this period or send an email to your clerk in charge to meet deadlines.

Please always print out the registrations for your examinations (select menu item administration of exams, information on exams), so that you can provide evidence of your registration to the Examination Office upon request.


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